Find your jewish roots in Kingdom of Poland (Congress Poland)

Marriage certificate of Nolan Altman’s greatgrandparents found!

We knew each other with Nolan Altman – member of chair of International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies since we started to help jewish community of town of his ancestors to get knowledge about their roots. Unfortunately road to this knowledge is not easy. In city hall are only two record books from 30’s which we at the moment have no access, but we prepared more than 12k persons indexation of Resident Books. Things got worse as for Nolan’s family resident book is missing in archive – so only chance to develop his tree was accident and the accident had happened.

Some time ago 10 books from plausible place of living of wife of Munysz Altman has been found by us. Those books covered births, marriages and deaths 1859-1868 and will be passed to National Archive as soon as possible. In 1867 we found certificate of Munysz Altman and Zlata Rozanbaum – the same that Nolan has been looking for ages without success.

He found out knew data about direct ancestors as names and place of birth of great grandparents. Now we got bigger knowledge about next steps to find more Nolan’s ancestors.

On the picture – Nolan with printed version of indexes of Residence Book of town of his ancestors


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