About us

We are a young couple living near Warsaw in Poland who love genealogy. We can talk about looking for ancestors all the time with constant passion. We started as a volunteers in many projects where we indexed thousands of certificates of birth, marriages and deaths. We can read polish and russian and translate it into other languages.

We like to spend free time finding a historical places in area. We also index a lot of certficates and other sources in our free time.

We started to help with jewish genealogy because of our friend from Israel. He found us on Internet when we got voluntary project and asked us about help with finding sources about his ancestry town in Poland. We knew that he wasn’t able to read documents that we found – so we indexed information about more than 11 000 persons from this town for free. He conviced us that we should change our occupation for comercial one as we are very professional. Since we met – we visited our friend twice in Israel – last time we have been invited on jewish wedding of our friend.

Yes, we can say that we are genealogist! Our genealogy trees are developed till XVIII century from almost each side. We spent years doing this. Our ancestors lived in area of Kingdom of Poland.

That’s why we decided to limit our service to this territory – Kingdom of Poland. We know that we are experienced here, we know what sources we can expect, we know where to find documents and we know how to use them to know as much as we can.

We are visiting Polish Stare Archives very often photographing unpublished documents or document that are not going to be published in near future. Then at our house we work on those documents to prepare them to speed up research process. Thank to this – you will no pay for long research, you often will no pay for our special visit in Archive, you won’t wait for research for months and also – you will find a new possibilities to find new information about your family members. I am sure that 95% of people who are tracking their trace don’t know about wonderful source which for example book of residents is. Even though you won’t hire us – we will give you this knowledge for free!

We don’t think that anybody read all what we wrote about us. If you read – informed us on info@jewsfrompoland.com and we will love that!